The ProPath™ System combines our industry-leading Enclosed Track Aluminum (ETA) Rail with semi or fully automated “smart” material handling solutions to increase the safety, productivity, and uptime of your facility.

The system is unique to the industry, packaging high-quality hardware with innovative software to maximize performance and safety.

Two uniquely designed automation configurations are available for varying levels of control, which can include wireless communication, positioning components, and diagnostics and reporting structures for efficient, precise operation.


Press Release: Revolutionary Unified Industries ProPath™ Automated Workstation Cranes Increase
Productivity and Safety

In its semi-automated configuration, also known as auto-dispatch, the ProPath System enables automated movement, while also utilizing human assistance for precise actions.

This allows multiple areas to share a single crane and finished product to travel through one, all, or a combination of work locations.


Automated Movement with Human Initial Commands
Automatic Material Flow to Maximize Productivity
Obstruction Detection for Equipment and Operator Safety
Configurable No-Fly Zones Available to Limit Risk of Collisions

The fully automated ProPath System delivers intelligence. Accurate, repeatable processes provide enhanced process flow, reduced idle time, consistent operation, and improved cycle times for increased productivity.

Setting the standard in full automation, we are dedicated to maximizing the performance of each ProPath Automated Work Station Crane.


No Human Assistance Required Beyond Setup
Continuous Diagnostics and Analytics
Planned Rather Than Preventative Maintenance
Repeatable Machinery Movement to Reduce Collisions
Efficient, Effective Manufacturing Processes



Dry Contacts
Ethernet Protocol


Barcode Readers
Laser Measurement
String Encoders


Remotely Mounted E-Stops
Configurable No-Fly Zones
Light Curtains
Safety Mats
Door Mounted Safety Switches
Compliance with Safety Categories
1-4 (Customer Specified)



CM® Powered Chain Hoists
Yale®, Shawbox®, or STAHL CraneSystems Wire Rope Hoists
Vertical Reaction Lifters
Articulating Arms
End Tooling


External/Internal Dynamic Braking Resistors
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Remote Door Keypad
Finger-Safe Guarding
Weight Verification System
Preventative Maintenance Predictor
DataLogger Keypad for Data Collection

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Incorporating Magnetek’s reliable IMPULSE® Variable Frequency Drives into ProPath systems creates a one-of-a-kind, intelligent solution for lifting applications. IMPULSE variable frequency drives maintain safe thresholds, which decreases mechanical fatigue and increases reliability and uptime.

The IMPULSE® Mini enables expanded speed adjustments, improved load control, high duty cycles, and increase equipment life. IMPULSE G+ Mini's compact size permits the use of smaller control enclosures, reducing the overall cost of an installation. Hardware and software are designed and extensively tested specifically for the operating conditions seen in material handling applications. One IMPULSE G+ Mini controls each motion (bridge, trolley and hoist) in a standard ProPath Automated Workstation Crane, while applications that operate with two hoist motions may utilize Magnetek IMPULSE® G+/VG+ Series 4 drives.