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Unified Industries, Inc. was founded by John Miller as a small fixture and gaging shop in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. In 1953 Unified became incorporated and moved operations to its present location in Howell, Michigan, where it has produced patented rail trolleys and bridge cranes widely regarded as the industry benchmark ever since. Increasing demand for its innovative material handling equipment led to the introduction of the "ETA" line of aluminum enclosed track bridge cranes and monorail systems in 1985. Unified became the first in the industry to offer customers an aluminum track system, while utilizing trolleys with high impact nylon rollers for unparalleled ease of movement. Since then Unified has established a reputation as a worldwide industry leader, in providing material handling equipment that systems installers depend on.

In 1987, Unified was purchased by Dearborn Fabricating and Phillips Corp. and was sold in 1990 to Tomkins PLC as part of the large buy-out of Phillips Corp. Under Tomkins, Unified was merged into a new material handling industry leader, Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co. to produce and provide its customers with a wide range of material handling equipment and services. On January 2nd, 2005, Unified again became a private enterprise with the purchase of 100% of its stock from Tomkins PLC. In February of 2014, Columbus McKinnon aquired Unified Industries.

About Columbus McKinnon
Columbus McKinnon (NASDAQ: CMCO) is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, technologies, systems and services, which efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position and secure materials. Key products include hoists, cranes, actuators, rigging tools, light rail work stations and digital power and motion control systems. The Company is focused on commercial and industrial applications that require the safety and quality provided by its superior design and engineering know-how. Comprehensive information on Columbus McKinnon is available on its website at http://www.cmworks.com.

On July 15, 2016, Unified Industries acquired 100% of the assets of Ergomatic Products LLC of Clarkston MI. Ergomatic Products designs and manufactures ergonomic lift assists, articulating arms, torque tubes, and pneumatic control systems for material handling and tool suspension applications. The addition of Ergomatic Products to the Unified Industries workstation product portfolio creates a full service workstation solution for material handling, tool suspension, and torque management. Unified Industries is a leading supplier of workstation solutions to Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Equipment Mfg. and General Industry.

Unified Industries was recently featured on Manufacturing Marvels

Today, Unified is a well respected Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to the Automotive Industry.  This fast-paced and quality-driven environment is fully satisfied by Unified's order turn-around, that is more likely measured in days than in weeks.
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Mission Statement

It is the mission of UNIFIED INDUSTRIES, INC. to provide our Customers with people, business practices and material handling equipment of the HIGHEST INTEGRITY.
We have embraced this mission/vision since 1993 as we embarked on the development of our formal Quality Operating System.
Our mission statement is our quality policy and is supported by the following quality objectives which are measured through the Quality Operating System (QOS):

  1. Guaranteed on time delivery of systems and components.
  2. Continuous improvement of our components' and systems' reliability and maintainability.
  3. No non conformances due to the direct design and workmanship of our systems and components.
  4. Continuous reduction in annual returned goods.
  5. Continuous training and education of our people in all areas of the organization.
  6. Continuous Improvement of our Safety and Environmental Performance.
  7. To provide evidence of financial stability and performance against objectives.

Our metrics are recorded, corrective actions are discussed and implemented, and the results are reported to everyone in the company. 
The Unified Environmental Policy is to provide Our Customers, Our Community and Our Employees with environmentally sound business practices of the HIGHEST INTEGRITY .
This policy is supported by the following objectives:

  1. Identify the areas of our operations that have an impact on the environment. Once identified, objectives and targets are set and reviewed, as appropriate.
  2. Prevent or reduce pollution at the source.
  3. Recycle in an environmentally safe manner any pollution that cannot be prevented.
  4. Investigate the proper treatment of any pollution that cannot be prevented or recycled.
  5. Necessary releases into the environment shall be compliant with all applicable regulations.
  6. Strive for continual improvement in our waste management practices.
  7. Apply the above stated objectives when designing material handling systems for our customers.

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